Our Range of Branded Tech Gifts & Promotional Gadgets

Keep things stylish and practical with elevated tech gifts like branded phone merchandise and more. Learn about our offerings at Mannik Merchandise by exploring our nifty options below.

Audio Accessories

Audio tech products go a long way, especially when convenience, fit and functionality are prioritised. We’ve got just the right branded audio products to help you stand out during your next giveaway campaign.

Order personalised in-ear earphones in different full-colour options. These are great to use during high-energy activities, sporting events, and while working out. They’re the perfect gift and will get more eyes on your brand as your customers commute, too.

Our silicone variations are a handy giveaway at competitions, exhibitions, or trade shows. Pop these branded gadgets into your employees’ wellness packs to inspire a quality audio experience among your very own.

We also supply Bluetooth speakers, offering hands-free convenience for audio enthusiasts, dancers, athletes, and gym-goers.

Branded Chargers & Charging Cables

Our promotional chargers and charging cables are an electrifying way to make a lasting impression on your customers while catering to a practical daily tech need.


Very few branded technology gifts combine versatility, convenience and customisation more than our branded chargers. They’re essential to keeping our tech and gadgets going throughout the daily hustle, and there’s always a need for a spare on the go.

So why not order promotional reel chargers that double up as data transfer tools or even dual chargers as the ultimate marketing choice? From students and tech enthusiasts to office professionals and digital nomads, these all-in-one style devices are a no-brainer.

Every type of customer finds chargers incomparably valuable, and you’ll maximise reach when you add your company logo to this product with a unique design.

Some offerings come with add-ons such as keyrings or cool light-up features. You can play around with full-colour label printing to really make your unique business stamp pop.

For a fancier spin, consider our wireless charging options. Our branded technology offerings also include wireless chargers so that employees, techies, and avid travellers are never without their go-tos while on the move.

Charging Cables

With most great promotional tech and chargers comes the need for a few handy charging cables, and Mannilk has got it all! Put the fun back into functionality with an order on multi-purpose or multi-input cables that take versatility to a whole new level.

Our branded cables are one of our best-selling tech products thanks to their high-quality output and their appreciable length. With your company’s logo printed strategically on this item, clients can sport your brand subtly at conferences, workshops, and corporate gatherings.

Computer Accessories

Blow your UK competitors out of the water and promote your business in an impactful way with promotional computer accessories. Sometimes the smaller add-ons make the biggest difference, so consider a purposeful spend on a few items to maximise your client’s computer use.

From USB sticks with a reasonable amount of memory to tablet accessories that make cleaning and maintenance easier, give your customers something useful to keep nearby.

Our popular branded computer accessories include neat, compact branded screen cleaners. These prove extremely useful for clients during workshops, presentations, and conferences — with your logo printed expertly on each product to pique interest and draw curiosity.

Take a chance on promotional branded mouse mats, promotional memory sticks, and branded multi-charger cables to mix and match your usual technology gifts.

It’s not just the lucky members of the target market that’ll appreciate such giveaways, but your own employees, too.

Mobile Accessories

Today, smartphones are prominent in various fields of business. One of the most practical ways to add value to the lives and daily routines of potential customers is to elevate their mobile use.

Branded mobile accessories offer an ingenious and super memorable way to do just this. For customisable accessories in high demand, it’s a good idea to brand handheld devices — personal products that are always in use and in circulation.

Our phone stand range, in particular, presents an opportune chance to get creative with your branding. We supply branded mobile phone merchandise like tablet stands, cellphone holders, and cellphone stands that are appealing and ergonomically friendly.

This kind of merchandising order will help you enhance your marketing reach without breaking a sweat.

Promotional Power Banks

Keep your clients and newest recruits powered up by another of our best-selling tech products: branded power banks! These are ideal for always-on-the-go travellers, remote workers, and younger audiences who rely more on portable power solutions.

Eliminate the stress and often nagging concerns of clunky tech with these smart branded business gifts to keep your clients fired up when they need to charge their phones, smartwatches, and tablets. A branded power bank is a stylish, portable, and easy-to-carry option that fits seamlessly inside smaller bags, sleeves, and carry-ons.

Our options deliver different voltages and come in various sizes and shapes. The available branding areas are surprisingly ample, so we can ensure your logo shines in different colours.

You might like to browse our options that come with added accessories, like portable power units with keyrings — for that extra touch of comfort and utility.

Tech Products & Tech Accessories

Our promotional tech merchandise is just as nifty as all our other offerings. We invite you to seize the opportunity to style products like branded USB sticks and personalised card holders with ease.

Remember that branded technology includes the extras that help customers better navigate their use of the bigger or more obvious essentials. So, consider adding an unmissable brand-conscious imprint on a large order of phone pockets, cellphone strips, or even microfiber lens cloths.

Tech Accessories

Accessorising your tech gadgets is like matching an exquisite statement jewellery piece to the perfect outfit. With that in mind, how do bespoke branded tech accessories sound to provide more effectiveness to the branded technology products your clients already use?

If you like the sound of that, then consider promotional padlocks and key sets for laptops and carry bags for worker bees in constant transit. We also supply cellphone stands, car phone holders, and earphones that work well with mobiles, computers, and other smart devices.

These items, when printed with your logo, can serve as a striking giveaway at trade shows, promotional functions, and marketing drives across the board.

Wireless Charging Pads

Since practicality warriors often relish the high functionality and flair of branded technology that simplifies the portable tech experience… enter wireless charging pads.

With a sustainable edge also up for grabs, we even offer branding options with bamboo detailing. With these pads in tow, wireless chargers and their setups don’t just look great but are necessarily hassle-free, too.

We recommend wireless charging pads with your company logo so you can inject style and maximise the use of branded technology items like smartphones by astute clients. Enable a quick and easy tech experience married with convenient and streamlined gadget usage — all while marketing like an absolute pro.

Purchase promotional gadgets with your unique logo on them and get your delivery in less than two working weeks with Mannik Merchandise. Request a quote now!

FAQs About Our Promotional Products

For tech that’s promotional, you’ll need to have a clear idea of what you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve put together some important frequently asked questions and quick answers to help you understand what’s possible with our diverse range of merchandising devices.

What products are ideal as branded tech gifts?

The right promotional tech gifts depend on your target audience, your planned event space, and your overall marketing goals. If our best-selling product list is anything to go by (spoiler: it definitely is), then the following promotional gadgets are great picks for your first couple of big Mannik orders:

  1. Mouse mats
  2. Multi-device 3-in-1 chargers
  3. Phone stands
  4. Power banks
  5. USB sticks

It’s important to keep your target audience’s needs in mind to make the most impact with your promotional products. Mouse mats may be ideal for working professionals, while phone stands and power banks are more suited to busy university students and younger crowds.

Why should I put my brand on promotional gadgets?

Not only are promotional gadgets and tech gifts for your clients an unmatched way to bolster customer loyalty, but this marketing tool also maximises audience reach for potential customers. Charging cables, power banks, and speakers are often shared, passing through many new hands. Innovative or quirky tech is sure to make an eye-catching impact during use.

Other unmistakable benefits include:

  1. Enhanced brand recognition
  2. Increased audience engagement
  3. Increased sales
  4. Creating positive associations with your brand

What should I put on my promotional technology gifts?

When advertising your business and looking to promote your brand beyond your usual marketing areas, you want to ensure you are memorable to all your customers. To achieve this, consider branding your chosen promotional merchandise or technology gifts with:

  1. Your business name: This is the boldest of statements, as it separates you from your competitors.
  2. Your company logo: Remember to consider printing space and whether a full-colour print will be more effective or not.
  3. A slogan, motto, catchy saying, or company message: Something with an undeniable ring to it will make the best lasting impression.
  4. Your contact number: So that customers know how to reach you for queries.
  5. Your web address: To give customers an opportunity to explore online what your business offers.

Stand out from the crowd with promotional technology that boldly sports your unique stamp. Connect with us via call, email, and our social media channels today!

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We pride ourselves in catering to different clients across varied fields with 5-star services. Our promotional gadgets include budget-friendly options, high-end corporate products, and much more.

Added to our collection of branded phone products and promotional computer accessories is a quality range of branded keyrings, branded office merchandise, promo bags, and then some.

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