Our Range of Branded Gifts & Promotional Giveaways

Explore our huge selection of promotional gifts to find the perfect branded products for your next big marketing campaign.

Branded Badges

Badges are an affordable option that fits comfortably into any marketing budget. We offer a huge range of promotional badges in different colours, shapes, sizes, and styles

If you’d like to keep it traditional, opt for metallic button badges. These are effective hand-outs at corporate events, fundraisers, and advertising functions — especially if they have an interesting design.

For a more elevated and unique look, opt for our wooden badge options. We also have reusable offerings that can be customised for frequent company events. You can sport printed company badges with a wooden finish or bamboo company badges that fuse rustic with sustainability when exhibiting outdoors or at trade shows.

Keep things eco-friendly with our branded giveaways in the form of antimicrobial name badges. They add an interesting twist within hospitality settings and some food conferences.

Games & Toys

Create an appreciable atmosphere of playfulness for your new clients when you print your logo onto any of our toys or game sets.

Our vast range of bespoke promotional products includes cards and multi-piece puzzles. Offering fun recreational opportunities, games serve as quirky corporate event giveaways and are ideal for targeting promotions at young adult audiences or families.

With zany games as your event giveaways, your brand will be associated with memorable and positive times — what better way to make an impression?

Promotional Gifts

Spread delight with printed gifts suitable for various target markets. Cardholders make excellent corporate gifts, while options like branded rubber ducks, bubbles and piggy banks are great gifts for parents. This is a smart way to bolster your chances of getting the right eyes on your company name in all kinds of spaces.

Thinking Outside the (Gift) Box

When creative merchandising exploits call, consider our themed character badges or stainless steel keyrings to inspire some fun among customers at office events.

Sports medals also go a long way when you want to fuse promotions with gifting at outdoor events and campaigns.

Branded Seeds

Put your eco foot forward with branded seed products. Plantable gifts are suitable for everyone, from teachers and parents to avid gardeners and eco-conscious clients.

These cost-effective branded giveaways have an awesome impact on the lives and immediate environments of potential customers. They allow you to spread your name while encouraging environmental hobbies.

From plantable promotional lanyards and cube gardens to branded seed sticks and envelopes, we have a variety of seeded solutions. We can also brand unique printed sprout pencils, ideal giveaways at schools and universities or environmental awareness events.

Stress Products

Help your clients and potential customers manage tense days with branded stress toys. They’re a helpful distraction during high-pressure moments and might just land in the right hands. Stress products are ideal for creating a positive association with your brand and can be especially effective for brands focused on leisure or health.

Our cool themes include sports and fitness and all sorts of other quirky designs. Bulk order your branded stress balls in the right shape and with different colours to appeal best to your target demographic.

Print your logo onto any of our huge selection of branded well-being gifts to promote health, happiness, wellness, and a lighter approach to the art of promotional savvy.

Promotional Teddies

Tap into all things adorable with branded teddy bears — perfect for creating some cheer while also promoting your business. Explore different sizes, designed with equal measures of cuddly and fuzzy for the ultimate office companion.

With your logo or emblem printed clearly on the ample printing space available, you can share these appealing branded merchandise giveaways with your most valued customers.

As one of our many best-selling items, these teddies boast special attention to detail with exquisite polyester fabric and embroidered elements that deliver a quality finish.

Potential customers at trade shows, events, and exhibitions will find intrigue in more than just the gifts on offer, but your overall branding presentation, too. Teddies also work well as thank-you gifts or staff end-of-year recognition awards for teachers, caretakers, nurses, and other appreciated workers.


Turn your corporate giveaways into fun and practical freebies when you add your unique touch to branded wristbands and embroidered sweatbands.

We supply full-colour RPET (recycled PET polyethylene terephthalate) wristbands and headbands that are best for outdoor occasions like marathons or sports events. These also suit various team-building endeavours across the board where maximum participation draws more eyes.

We brand wristbands made of bamboo and coated paper, and we have silicone variations that are available in various colours as well. Wristbands are fitting for giveaways at events, theme parks, holiday parks, and resorts where increased traffic equals increased brand visibility.

You’ll find just the wristband for your business’s marketing needs at Mannik.

Advertise your business with eye-catching promotional event giveaways that’ll impress potential customers. Call Mannik Merchandise today to place your order.

FAQs About Our Promotional Giveaways

Got a few questions about our promotional products and why branding maximises event giveaways? Here are some frequently asked questions and quick-fire answers to help you decide on the right product before you order with us.

Why are giveaways good for brands?

Promotional items are great for brand efforts and help elevate each promotional campaign with the following unmissable benefits:

  • Draw in potential customers and foster positive associations with your business’s instantly recognisable offerings and services.
  • This is a relatively low-cost promotional plan with major returns.
  • You get to open avenues for increased sales and heightened customer engagement in a more wide-reaching manner.
  • Branded merchandise and business event giveaways help build customer loyalty and are likely to keep the target audience coming back for more.
  • By branding and sharing good quality promotional items, you can reach new audiences in the UK beyond your main marketing hubs.

How do I pick the right branded event giveaways?

There are a few considerations to make when deciding on the perfect merchandise to giveaway at your next marketing event. Here’s a short list to get you started:

  1. Think about your overall promotional vision. Once you have an idea of what you want to capture, you’ll know which gift from our selection works best for a specified target audience.
  2. Always keep your brand colours in mind so that each promotional product you order matches the overall appeal of what your giveaway campaign aims to achieve.
  3. Think about where you want your promotional items to work best. For example, teddies won’t be as effective at corporate events, conferences, or your next trade show versus a team-building or child-friendly event. Location specifics will help you identify what your target demographic will find most useful.
  4. Work with a marketing budget so that you know how much you have available to invest in the right promotional giveaways.

How quickly can you brand & deliver my promotional merchandise?

Once the designs are approved, our experienced team at Mannik can deliver your promotional giveaways in less than two working weeks.

We pride ourselves in wasting absolutely no time so that you can get straight to the business of executing a marketing campaign that’ll intrigue, impress, and inspire.

What’s included in my promotional products order with Mannik?

If you decide to task us with your branded event merchandise order, the following is included in our array of 5-star services:

  • Free artwork visuals
  • Free sample pack
  • Quick delivery

As a bonus, we offer a price match promise, which guarantees that you’ll get the best possible price for your large merchandise order.

What will my target audience want to see on my promotional event giveaways?

While pinning down the overall look and feel of your branded event giveaways depends on selected products and the printing area available, these go-tos attract audiences best:

  1. A clever slogan or catchy tagline
  2. Your business name
  3. Your company contact number
  4. Your company logo (bold brand colours tend to do better)
  5. Your web address

Mannik Merchandise: Making UK Brands Stand Out from the Crowd

As an award-winning family business, Mannik Merchandise is proud to go the extra mile to deliver unmatched printing services for different businesses. Whether yours is a small professional outfit, a big conglomerate, or a charity organisation, we’ve got you covered!

Our experienced team of professionals bring a combined 25 years of industry chops to the table. We’ll supply exceptional promotional items right on time, saving you money while eliminating the stress of a complicated merchandising experience.

Alongside our extensive collection of promotional event giveaways, we also provide a wide range of branded drinkware, branded keyrings, promotional bags, promotional pens, and more!

Change how you do business events with expert branding services that’ll turn heads.

Unbeatable Lead Times on All Branded Event Merchandise

We stop at nothing to create a seamless experience from start to finish. Not only is the promotional merchandise you purchase from us guaranteed in quality, but it’s fast and affordable too.

Our excellent lead times mean your giveaway items will be designed, printed, and delivered in no more than two working weeks. With your event merchandise in tow, you’ll be able to launch full steam ahead into your marketing campaign at trade shows and other promotional events.

Order branded giveaways and promote your business with high-quality products. Call or email Mannik today and connect with us via social media to learn more!