Our Range of Promotional Desk Merchandise

Forget the standard calendar, pen, and notepad; we stock a variety of promotional products to kit out office spaces. We supply all sorts of branding-ready products in various colours. These high-quality products can even be printed in full colour for maximum impact.

Luxurious Awards

Make a promotional splash with branded awards. These are great as desktop gifts for your in-house staff, partners, established clients, and potential customers at your next event.

Here’s some of what we stock for your personal branding orders:

  1. Classic display awards — Branded wood, 100% recycled acrylic, or glass finish for desk and bookshelf display.
  2. Coasters — Ideal in sets. Both functional and memorable as award giveaways.
  3. Luxury drinkware — Including branded tankards and whisky tumblers, which pair perfectly with rare spirits for that ultra-premium gift.
  4. Paperweights — Available in glass and in various shapes; very handy in busy, paper-laden office spaces.
  5. Scented candles — Supplied in 18 different scents; sporting your company logo, an iconic photograph, or a catchy slogan (delivered in square-lidded gift boxes).

Look out for our branded award options that include engraving and flat-pack gift boxes for that extra special touch.

Branded Notebooks & Notepads

Notebooks tend to travel, whether from the office to the boardroom or the coffee shop. This means plenty of exposure for your brand.

Our branded books and pads are available in an array of colours, sizes, paper types, and finishes. They’re a fun and useful way to share branded promotional desk items without stretching your budget too far.

We have moleskine, apple skin waste, and eco notebooks (both soft and hard-cover) that are premium in quality and ideal for high-value clients. Our standard notebooks feature elastic binders and serve as a great budget option for larger promotional orders.

You might like branded office products like printed notebook and pen sets — like our much-loved Mole range — as a more complete promotional stationery package. Some options include sticky notes and torch keyrings that are sure to delight avid notetakers.

Desk Accessories

Promotional desk products are a great way to make an impact, big or small. They’re often practical, eye-catching, and useful to students, fellow corporate companions, and others.

Consider options like our branded mouse mats, bamboo printed rulers, bookmarks, and quirky pencil sharpeners. Another popular option includes colourful sticky notes and flag sets featuring a spacious print area to capture your essential company info.

Take branded desk accessories up a notch with natural fold-out desk sets with various desk essentials bundled in one.

Branded Lanyards

Get creative with functional branded office accessories. We supply lanyards in different colours and designs to use at events, trade shows, and gatherings. Other promotional products, like catchy wristband lanyards and lanyard keyrings, can boost your business’s visibility through day-to-day use.

Make an impact with reflective or deluxe promotional lanyards at upmarket events, or hand out eco-friendly lanyards at your next function to showcase your brand values. Our lanyards with wooden bead detailing and extra secure closing clips are great for more practical usage.

Our cork lanyards and those with rainbow designs allow for variation so that you can target different audiences at different marketing events.

You can decide on length, material (e.g., cotton), the type of hook and safety break (e.g., metal and plastic, respectively), and where to put your company logo for effective branding.

Lanyard Accessories

As an appreciable add-on, match your lanyard order with unique accessories, like lanyard passes, ski passes, and customisable card holders. These are awesome for office events, conferences, and business travel.

We also supply sturdy engraved carabiners that are dually perfect for life beyond the office. No matter your lanyard and accessory requirements, we’re here to help you choose the best colour and design to suit your branding.

Merch Sets

Our corporate gift packs, onboarding gift sets, and eco-friendly gift packs are a peachy way to welcome new players to the team. These sets include nifty branded products that are compact and versatile.

Keep things colourful, curious, and interesting with conference bag sets offering functional and stylish products while ensuring maximum branding opportunities.

These sets feature high-quality branded items in a range of colours to make your newest team member, partner, or customer feel extra special. We include options like:

  1. Bamboo phone stands
  2. Branded drinkware
  3. Cork coasters
  4. Cuboid power banks
  5. Mint tins
  6. Notebooks
  7. Promotional pens (including those made from recycled materials)
  8. Screen cleaners

Make sure to check the content list of your specific choice so that you’re certain it includes the products you like best. Some of our promotional products also include confectionery additions, like premium chocolate bars.

We’ll also help you achieve a bespoke, personalised look and feel using branding techniques like screen printing and engraving to make your logo stand out.

Office Essentials

Put your logo on those must-have office essentials people can’t go without. Make promotional items like A4 clipboards, pencil cases, and other everyday essentials their own statement pieces with a premium branding order.

Whether you need trendy document folders or document wallets, we’ve got you covered! We even offer all-inclusive branded office essentials like zipped folders. These feature multiple holders to accommodate items like a tablet, a notebook, and a flash drive — with an elasticated pen loop plus a notepad.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are used all over the place and are usually found in the perfect line of sight — bang on for getting your brand out there. Get appealing promotional products like branded A7 printed sticky notes to make note-taking and organising a breeze.

Some of the most popular printed sticky note branding options include quality self-adhesives in a range of colours. Choose printed office merchandise that suits your UK business best, with full-colour print selections on the sticky note sheets available in different sizes (25, 50, and 100 sheets).

Make an impact with office branded merchandise. Call Mannik today for high-quality promotional printing delivered with a fast turnaround.

FAQs About Our Promotional Merchandise

Got some questions about promotional branded products and how to decide on the right promotional office merchandise for your target audience? These frequently asked questions should help.

How effective is branded office merchandise?

Branded merchandise is vital for any effective marketing campaign. Every promotional product has the power to help shape your brand image.

Here are just five scenarios that showcase the benefits of promotional branding and solidify this marketing choice as good value for money.

  1. Your branded merchandise can increase brand awareness and boost brand recognition when taken to meetings, boardrooms, coffee shops etc.
  2. Make an incredible advertising impression with a wider reach in spaces like universities where stationery is an essential purchase.
  3. Create cohesion in office spaces and bolster both customer and brand loyalty.
  4. Inspire a lasting impression with new hires, new partners, and potential customers with something as simple as functional printed products.

What is the minimum order quantity required for your custom office promotional products?

The minimum order quantities for office promotional products on most of our notepads and sticky notes are 250 units, 50 units for custom notebooks, and 100 units for branded lanyards.

We always do our best to assist our clients. So reach out to us for more information or to enquire about how we can help you meet your specific merchandising needs.

What should I print on branded merchandise for the office?

Depending on the office item being branded and the branding area available, the best branding options for desk accessories and other promotional office products are your:

  1. Business name
  2. Contact number
  3. Logo
  4. Slogan, motto, message, or tagline (preferably short)
  5. Website

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From company events to organisations and charities, we take care of all your promotional branding with efficiency. With the most competitive prices, free designs and sample packs, and full transparency throughout the process, we’re hard to beat!

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In addition to our top-quality branded office supplies, we’re your one-stop shop for personalised clothing, outdoor products, leisure equipment, eco-friendly branded promotional giveaways, and plenty more.

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Our lead time of two working weeks ensures you get your promotional merchandise right on time. What’s more? We include delivery in your UK orders for promotional pens, branded stationery, desk accessories, and more to eliminate the stress of extra costs.

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