Our Range of Branded Pens and Writing Equipment

Whatever your budget or business is, we have a pen perfectly suited to you. Our wide range of branded promotional pens can be printed or etched with the message or logo of your choice.

Explore our wide selection of metal pens, plastic pens, premium pens, eco-friendly pens, stylus pens, and printed highlighters.

Eco-Friendly Pens

Increase brand awareness while signalling your concern for the environment with our eco-friendly writing tools made from sustainable materials. We offer a wide range of colours and styles, including 6-in-1 bamboo options that are unique as multi-tool gifts.

We feature a variety of pens made with various sustainable approaches. These include:

  1. Pens made from recycled water bottles
  2. Recyclable and compostable card barrels instead of plastic barrels
  3. Pens made from coffee grind waste
  4. European-made ball pens made from sustainably sourced wheat plastic and bamboo barrels
  5. Pens made from maple wood

Klio Eterna

High-quality, sleek, and durable: that’s the Klio Eterna guarantee. The precise design of German engineering makes these pens brilliant choices for branded stationery.

Choose from multiple colours (13 standard full-colour options) and enjoy an impressive writing length of 3,000m. Our offerings include standard options that are great for bulk orders, along with more premium branding options ideal for gifting high-value clients.

Brand ball pens with an attached USB flash drive and unique wood barrels for special occasion gifts. Some of our branded pens are also made using 100% green electricity and a climate-neutral production process for the planet-conscious.

Enjoy practical and high-performing branded writing equipment while being kind to the environment.

Markers & Highlighters

Highlight your brand and make your mark with our fun and funky branded markers and highlighters. The body of most of our highlighters ensures ample space for your company logo.

Opt for individually branded marker sets or make an impact with a larger logo on fun multi-highlighter shapes. We also supply permanent and whiteboard markers that are sure to get you seen in boardrooms, lecture rooms, and beyond.

Metal Pens

Nothing feels quite as luxurious as a weighty metal pen with its cool barrel and shiny surface. Elevate your company pens with your unique branding stamp. Both barrel and clip pens can be personalised.

Go for sleek and simple metallic options ideal as gifts or stand out with metal pens in vibrant colours. Many of our pens have stylus functionality, making them extra handy around the office.

For the ultimate in corporate gifting, place your logo on a sophisticated pen set, complete with a gift box.

Pen Boxes

A premium pen needs a premium gift box, and that’s where our pen boxes make all the difference. They’re modern and eye-catching, providing a nifty way to showcase your writing instruments and leave a telling promotional stamp.

Find your ideal cushioned pen boxes (with velvet interiors) and digital pen sleeves for premium gifting at conferences, upmarket events, and business luncheons.

We also offer fun shapes (e.g., triangular), pen boxes with pouches, fold-over covers, and pen pouches with magnetic catches to add a touch of versatility to your promotional giveaways.

Whether you need single or double pen boxes for gifting or simple marketing pen sleeves, we’ve got the right pen holder to promote your business.


Add a bespoke design to mechanical pencils or recycled plastic pencils sporting a comfortable grip and an integral eraser. Even your traditional wooden rubber-tipped pencils can take on a new look when you add a company logo.

You can keep it simple with bamboo and solid black pencils or opt for rainbow pencils with a foil-coated barrel and a generous print area to really catch the eye.

We also stock specialised options, allowing you to target specific markets. If you’re looking to raise brand awareness among creatives or parents, consider our branded crayons and doodle sets.

Our promotional carpenter’s pencils are also just the thing to get your name into every nook and cranny of a carpenter’s workshop.

Plastic Pens

Plastic pens are handy in the office and are reliable for everyday use. So why not adopt a noteworthy facelift by branding these low-cost pens? From soft-feel and recycled logo pens to four-colour ball pens, select your ideal promotional writing equipment to enhance with a marketing spin.

Our pens with coloured barrels and grips make note-taking fun, including options with a distinctive stylish and curvy design for ergonomic comfort. There are hard pens that offer a longer lifespan thanks to their sturdiness — ideal for sketching and drawing.

Amplify your pen appeal with rose gold or gel roller options for luxe promotional giveaways. For a more standardised order, you could settle on soft grip ballpoint pens with a fast-click action mechanism (in different colours) — all excellent in branding area and logo application.

Prestige Pens & Sets

Prestige business pens and sets, with their contemporary look and feel, make for outstanding corporate gifts and are super memorable when branded. Our roller ball pens and soft-feel options are great for everyday use. While 6-in-1 ball pens come in handy when customers’ writing tasks require some clever multipurpose output.

You can simplify your gifting while maximising on advertising with twist-action ball pens, some featuring carbon fibre barrels that are customisable in different colours. You could also order chrome pens or those with an undercoat of chrome to make engraving more effective.

Senator Pens

Some of our best-selling writing products come from the Senator range, and we’re certain the 5,000m writing length adds to their popularity. These German-made products are made from recycled materials (such as renewable bio-based raw materials).

There are frosted, polished, matt, and metal-finish options that are stunning as corporate gifts. We also supply clear plastic, opaque plastic, and comfortable soft-grip pens that can market your brand successfully at various events and promotional gatherings.

Our push-action ball pens have a soft touch barrel with chrome-plated fittings, a no-brainer for branding!

Order blue or black ink colour pens from Mannik — your merchandising maestros. Place your Mannik promotional pen order today and enjoy quick turnaround times!

FAQs About Printed Promotional Pens in the UK

Wondering how effective personalised merchandising is on items as small as custom pens and other writing equipment? Use these frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision before your next big Mannik order.

How will branded pens and pencils help market my business?

The perfect promotional pens surpass being mere writing instruments; they’re a special kind of marketing tool. Customised pens are some of the most cost-effective ways to deliver impactful promotional products to your team, partners, and potential customers and increase brand recognition.

With everyday use that spans every single workspace across industries, from corporate companies and universities to niche businesses, branded pens can be a powerful advertising tool.

Promotional writing equipment is a fast, fun, and cost-effective way to get eyes on your brand and draw the attention of prospective clients.

What should I print on my personalised pens?

With limited space, promotional branding on your writing equipment needs careful consideration. It starts with deciding what you want potential customers to notice, know, or remember about your business.

Here are some of the go-tos for what to put on your custom pens when you want to create your most popular promotional products:

  1. Your logo (colour is everything)
  2. Your business name
  3. Your phone number
  4. A slogan or tagline
  5. Your website

You have an opportunity to set into motion a powerful marketing vehicle by customising your promotional pens with an extraordinary personal touch.

What is the minimum order quantity required for custom pens?

For premium branded pens in the UK, Mannik works with a minimum order quantity of about 100 units of metal pens and 250 units of plastic pens.

We’re committed to delivering the perfect promotional materials for your business at unbeatable prices. So don’t hesitate to reach out to talk through your order and quantity needs.

How can I ensure my logo works on my printed pens?

For pens with a logo to really work, you have to weigh up some essential considerations. These include the length of your business name, whether or not you want full colour, and any other company specifics that you want captured.

Luckily, we offer free artwork visuals and sample packs so that you can see exactly how the design will work.

Mannik Merchandise: Multiple Branding Areas

Mannik Merchandise is a Glasgow-based family business with professionals boasting a combined 25 years of industry experience.

We’re proud to be an award-winning branded merchandise frontrunner and have helped create branding magic for many of the UK’s top companies since 2016.

Quick lead times, cost-effective and competitive pricing, and 5-star customer service are just some of the factors that put us a cut above the rest.

Added to our extensive collection of branded pens are office merchandise, bags, keyrings, and drinkware, and much more!

Get your name out there with quality promotional pens and writing equipment from Mannik. Call us today!