Our Wide Range of Branded Promotional Bags

Make a winning marketing splash at trade shows, marketing events, and promotional gatherings with the perfect bags during your next promotional endeavour.

Explore the full range of high-quality bags we supply at Mannik Merchandise. From tote bags and jute styles to our premium cotton offerings, get ready to take your branded promotions to new levels.

Branded Backpacks

Backpacks are a trendy and effective way to turn everyday items into stylish logo bags donning your printed brand. Used in transit, at events, work, and universities, they’re the ideal item to help you achieve maximum visibility.

With a large branding area, you’ll be able to showcase a magnificent design to represent your business. Consider ordering our laptop bags with features like mesh pockets, an organisational panel, and plenty of interior storage.

We also supply promotional backpacks with multiple compartments. These functional and convenient products are more likely to be used regularly — which will, in turn, amplify your brand awareness.

Cooler Bags

Benefit from free marketing while your clients store their food and drinks in style while on the go. Promo bags don’t get cooler than our cooler bag options — a budget-friendly printed bag choice that your customers will cherish.

Some of our products are made from recycled PET material, so you can champion your marketing campaign without losing sight of environmental awareness.

Personalise your chosen cooler with your unique stamp on the front or the top of the bag. The branding is easily visible while your ambassadors attend exhibitions, trade shows, festivals, and sporting events.

You could also print your logo or brand message on lunch bags to get eyes on your business in places like cafeterias, tea rooms, and other shared office spaces.

Executive Bags

Looking for special printed bags for executive events? You might want to target a unique set of clients and you can do just that with Mannik.

We offer branded bags for conferences, together with satchels, laptop sleeves, and school bags. These promotional options act as handy document bags for those who need their work close by throughout the day. Purchase branded corporate bags, both comfortable and functional, to help your clients look sharp as they go about their work lives.

We offer durable branded business bags and roll-down bags (eco-conscious options included) that are spot-on in large corporate spaces where your brand can get some shine.

Promotional Gift Bags

If it’s quick branded giveaways you’re keen to use as clever marketing tools, pair them with our branded tote bags and branded eco bags boasting your company logo.

Our promo gift bags are a smart, affordable choice when seeking the perfect branded bags for recruitment events. They work just as well for in-house launches with your very own office workers.

From environmentally-friendly jute bag options that make for stunning corporate wine giveaways to paper bags in different styles and designs, we’ve got you (branded and) covered. You’ll find natural paper offerings with sturdy carry handles that rival classic drawstring bags for everyday use.

Rainbow Bags

Add a splash of colour during your marketing drives with our rainbow bags. With their fun, funky patterns and high visual appeal, these quick-turnaround branded bags inject more character into your promotions.

Turn heads and attract eyes with bright colours on a custom bag at your next event. Our different styles include cotton shoppers, shopper bags, and vibrant drawstring bags.

With a logo, catchy motto, contact number, or company info printed boldly on your rainbow bags, you’ll be hard to miss. Rainbow-theme merchandise is a great option for pride awareness, charities, and children’s events — both eye-catching and impactful in all the right spaces.

Branded Shoppers

Who doesn’t love a good shopper bag as the ultimate everyday item? Imagine countless eyes falling upon your brand as busy customers go about their lives using a reliable, reusable bag.

Our printed carrier bags are some of our best-selling bags and come in different sizes. Opt for our various natural options that are perfectly suited for eco-conscious shoppers. Or go with space-saving foldable shopping bags to reach a wider audience.

Sports Bags

Take promotional fit, function, and fashion a step further with our trusty sports bags. Our sports backpacks and printed bags are designed for active customers, so get your brand name in all the right nooks and crannies if your company is health or fitness-focused.

Print your custom artwork, a logo, a slogan, or a symbol on rucksacks or drawstring bags — we’ve got a wide range of sports-focused bags waiting to don your logo.

We also offer bottle bags and zip bags for that bespoke touch when you’re looking to give away promotional products with a slightly more pointed purpose.

Three Peaks

Choose merch that’s made for travel as the ideal corporate branded bags for your valued clients and staff. Three Peaks represents a fresh and contemporary eco-friendly branding approach, with a strict focus on the use of recycled plastic bottles for all their products.

This means that with Three Peaks bags, you get multifunctional promotional branded bags that look great and last long — all while playing your part in protecting the environment.

Weekender bags? Got them! Commuter options? Done! Eco-friendly promotional backpacks and laptop carry bags? Say no more! Browse different styles and select the offerings that match your specific marketing goals.

These bags provide ample storage space with massive marketing potential when you want to tap into a pro-green promotional strategy for conscious consumers.

Make Mannik your go-to for high-quality branded bags and promotional merchandise. Call us today and connect with us on our socials to find out more.

FAQs About Our Branded Promotional Bags

Find the last-minute answers you need below to some frequently asked questions about our printed bags.

What kind of materials can I expect from the promotional bags on offer?

Our promotional bags come in different materials, from natural cotton bags, polyester fusions, nylon masterpieces, jute bags, and even canvas and denim variations.

We use mostly screen printing and embroidery techniques, depending on your order’s requirements. Simply contact our expert team, and we’ll help advise the best material and the perfect solution for your promotional branding needs.

What should I put on my branded bags?

What to print on your promotional bags depends on considerations like branding space, the material available, and what you want customers to remember most.

With that in mind, you can’t go wrong by opting for these fail-safes:

  1. Your business name
  2. Your logo printed on the front or back (consider full colour if applicable)
  3. Your business phone number
  4. Your website
  5. A catchy slogan or tagline
  6. How does the branding design process work for printed bags?

We take care of the designs, but you’ll have to give us your vision by submitting the logo you want printed on your promotional bag order. For each printed logo, we consider essential factors like whether or not there’s a large branding area and bag colour.

To help you get to grips with what makes an impactful logo when printed, use these starting points:

  1. Consider your options for logo shape.
  2. Decide whether a full-colour scheme (or something different) is more appropriate.
  3. Get an idea for the type of font you want to best capture in an appealing writing style.
  4. Envision your brand identity.

Are branded bags good for marketing?

Without a doubt, bags with branding are great for marketing initiatives! With these as your giveaways, brands can achieve the following:

  1. High visibility: More eyes on your brand often translates into increased interest, more queries and requests, and good potential for increased sales.
  2. High usability: As people move around in different spaces (daily commutes, grocery stores, sports events, social gatherings, etc.), your brand goes with them. You stand to attract more members from your ideal target audience.
  3. Niche-inspired targeting and marketing: You can brand bags that are targeted at specific groups, like sports enthusiasts, fitness fanatics, students and young professionals (who often love a convenient tote bag), parents, and others.

Do you have eco-friendly bags?

Certainly! We supply an array of eco-friendly bags made with recycled materials, all great to brand and print with your unique logo. From jute bag options and promo gift bags to roll-down executive bags and natural shoppers, we’ve got what you need to take the art of promotion to new heights.

Mannik Merchandise: Leaders in Quality Branded Merchandise

Mannik Merchandise is an award-winning family business based in Glasgow. We have been helping one UK business after another reach mega merchandising milestones with excellent results all the way.

We want to help you do the same for your company. With over 25 years of combined industry experience and a friendly team of experts, we know just how to ensure you market your brand like a pro.

We cut time, costs, and hassles with seamless merchandising services tailored to deliver unmatched branded bags. We do all this without ever dropping the ball on quality for all our customers.

We also offer a free sample pack and artwork visuals with quick deliveries to boot. Once your order for printed tote bags or other custom bags is sorted, browse the rest of our extensive collection of merchandising offerings. You’ll find outdoor equipment, branded tools, branded travel accessories, and much more!

Quick Turnaround Times

Time is of the absolute essence at Mannik, and that’s why our quick turnaround times will see us deliver your order for promotional business bags in less than two working weeks.

When you think merchandise, think Mannik! We’ve got your back for all your branded bags and other promotional product needs.

Don’t panic… call Mannik for top-notch branded promotional bags in the UK. Email Mannik today for your next custom merchandise order.