Our Range of Leisure Products

We’ve curated our fantastic range of branded leisure giveaways to hit all the right marketing spots. When you want to keep your brand name top of your clients’ minds while they stay active, we’ve got you! 

Take a look at our offerings so you can put together your ideal target-driven promotional order.

Golf Products

Make your brand the talk of the game with high-quality branded golfing leisure equipment. With the golf course often setting the stage for networking, it’s the perfect place to let your company logo shine.

Put your logo on drawstring or clip goody bags, towels in different colours, and poker chips. You can also customise our swanky multi-section tins. These come complete with some golfing essentials and are perfect as corporate gifts for those extra-valuable clients.

Build your own gift packs by pairing golf balls, golf forks, and ball markers or opt for our ready-to-go sets — all sporting your unique design. Even the simplest of promotional gifts, like multi-coloured wooden tees, will make a notable impression.

Outdoor Activities

One of the most effective categories of marketing leisure gifts is our product range that caters especially to outdoor activities. As people navigate all kinds of spaces, opportunities for brand awareness multiply tenfold on increased traffic and movement alone.

So take a leap of promotional faith by letting us add a cool, company-specific design to branded umbrellas, ponchos, lunch boxes, and more. These products are well-suited to equip members of your target audience with everyday essentials that make life outside the home more comfortable and convenient.

You can also target your marketing towards convenience and ease of movement beyond just the people purchasing the products. Think bigger, think of their favourite companions — pets

At Mannik, our products are wide-reaching. We also provide branded dog accessories, waste bag dispensers, and dog waste bags. They’re compact, budget-friendly, and lightweight, with add-ons like hooks and clips. We even go the extra mile to stock products made from recycled plastic so that our shared eco-friendly mission isn’t neglected.

Sports Merchandise

When it’s time to get up and go, we have just the sporting promotional leisure products that’ll do the job. Sporting events are increasingly taking precedence in team building and outdoor endeavours across industries.

So bump up the promotional fun with a personalised order of pedometers for step lovers or flying discs and hand clappers for runners. These are best targeted for gifting at company outings, high-action fun days, and sporting functions.

Simply get products with a colour scheme that complements your brand and consider adding extras like promotional drinkware to your giveaway packs. 

This is an awesome way to get your name out there and maximise how well you could get noticed by consumers outside your usual marketing scope.

Execute branded merchandise that puts an enduring spotlight on your business. Connect with us on social media and see what the Mannik team can do for you.

FAQs About Our Promotional Merchandise for Leisure

You might have a few questions after exploring our range of promotional products for leisure. So here are quick answers to help you discern what’s suitable for you before settling on your precise merchandising order with Mannik.

What should I put on my branded leisure products?

Your clients are most likely to respond favourably to the following features on your leisure merch:

  1. A business name: This is the most important business marker you can use to spread the word about who you are.
  2. A company logo: To act as an appealing symbol that customers can associate with your brand.
  3. A company motto, a memorable saying, or a slogan: For something memorable that people can hold onto when they think of your business and its offerings.
  4. A contact number: To increase potential business requests and queries.
  5. A web address: To pique your customers’ interests via further online searches.

What kind of branded leisure products work best?

The best leisure products are those that clients can use practically as they travel to and from different spaces beyond the home and office. Naturally, sporting products and hobby-focused products are most successful as giveaways, as they’re often used in social settings.

That’s why we invite you to entrust us with branding your desired leisure merch with a stand-out logo and design. Then, gear your giveaways towards a leisurely, outdoor event.

How do I use branded leisure merchandise effectively?

To ensure your logo springs to mind first when customers think of effective merchandising, try to approach branding your leisure gifts with the following in tow:

  1. Appeal: Aim to boost your image with a merchandising design that looks, feels, and functions optimally. The more relevant, practical, convenient, and memorable your leisure giveaway, the better.
  2. Brand personality: Let your brand personality drive how you envision the best possible design for your branded leisure merch.
  3. Competitor research: Keep an eye on the promotional efforts of your biggest competitors so that your leisure gifts are more pointed.
  4. Consistency: One marketing drive might not be enough, so keep being creative. Explore Mannik’s various offerings and let us help you push the envelope so that your promotions go beyond just leisure.
  5. Marketing goals: Ensure you’re clear on what each leisure-inspired marketing campaign contributes to your overall marketing goals.
  6. Location: Where you share your products and seek to amplify promotional awareness matters. Remember to tailor each leisure giveaway to the right target audience at the right event (e.g., conferences vs. trade shows vs. corporate events vs. exhibitions).
  7. Positive associations: Try to offer leisure gifts that help clients, potential customers, and new recruits develop a positive connection to your brand.
  8. Target audience: Identify your ideal customers and investigate what kinds of leisure products are most useful to them.

Mannik has got your back for branded promotional leisure giveaways that’ll turn heads in the UK. Call or email us or request a quote today.

Mannik Merchandise: UK Leaders in Promotional Merchandise

As award-winners and unrelenting merchandising professionals, the Mannik Merchandise crew is committed to delivering 5-star branding services to every single customer we work with.

You can rely on our combined experience of over 25 years in the merchandising game and enjoy an array of uncompromised offerings — no matter the requirements of your brand.

Added to our range of products for leisure, you’ll also find promotional drinkware, branded bags, outdoor equipment, travel accessories, and plenty more in our catalogue.

From budget-friendly options for simple marketing to more comprehensive orders suited for big corporate merchandising, we’re up to the task!

Unmatched Lead Times

Not only are our branded leisure gifts branded expertly, but they’ll never be late.

Our superior lead times mean that you’ll have your bespoke leisure merch ready and at your door no later than two working weeks from the initial order.

That’s why you ought to think of Mannik when you think of printed leisure merchandise. We’ll help you achieve tremendous merchandising milestones with the perfect promotional products.

Reach for effective marketing with promotional leisure merchandise sporting your unique brand. Call Mannik Merchandise today and we’ll deliver without delay.